Client Testimonials

Ralph’s clients:

  • “Ralph addresses each business challenge as if he owned the business. His business acumen is blended with a strong understanding of management challenges”
  • “Ralph is a big picture thinker, with a clear eye on emerging and potential opportunities, yet firmly balanced with a strong understanding of commercial realities. 
  • "Ralph displays all the qualities of a pragmatic leader.”
  • “Ralph’s experience and commercial instinct has been of tremendous value to us. I value our mentoring relationship as part of the bedrock of our business.”
  • “Ralph has made an enormous contribution to our strategic planning process. He’s an amazingly clear and insightful thinker who has challenged us to think outside of the square. We’ve never been so clear on where we’re going or so confidant that we are on the right track.”

Jola`s clients

  • “Although I went into this coaching program with an open mind, I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was.  Jola made me feel comfortable to talk about what was happening and challenged me to improve my management style.”
  • “I am in the process of changing my whole management style to reflect what I have covered together with Jola.  Although it is hard to change something I have been doing for such a long time, I am already seeing major improvements in my staff and their attitudes.”
  • “The introduction of monthly meetings, more detailed and meaningful staff appraisals, and a system of follow-ups from the appraisal process has benefited me greatly and I know that my staff have responded in a positive manner.”
  • “The impact that the process with Jola has had on me personally is that it has enabled me to identify the triggers that set me off.  I am now able to stop and look at a situation, rather than react straight away.  This ensures that I handle each situation more professionally.”

From TEC members

  • "In just two short months of being a TEC member, I have learnt more about some very important topics than I would have learnt in years of operating a business.”
  • "I have quickly come to value the input of the group in helping me deal with a number of significant challenges I’ve recently faced. I really don’t know where I would have ended up without their help."
  • "Ralph has pushed me right out of my comfort zone. I get a real buzz out of our one-on-ones."

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