Our Programs

We conduct the following programs:

A) One-on-one mentoring and coaching

Our individual coaching and mentoring programs target busy "C" level executives and Managing Directors who are seeking independent counsel that is free of hidden agendas and bias. We provide a "safe haven" a place where problems can be openly discussed, solutions identified, and action plans implemented in a non-judgmental environment.

Typically, there is a six-month initial engagement period that consists of a two-hour meeting once a month. This can be extended in three-monthly increments.

B) Facilitated leadership workshops

Everybody can benefit from tailored coaching and mentoring. Our facilitated leadership workshops ensure that your managers are exposed to and given the opportunity to practice the appropriate skills required for them to effectively mentor and coach their own team members. These new skills and their associated benefits quickly translate into higher retention levels, greater commitment, and increased efficiency.

Workshops are conducted for groups ranging from six to twelve participants.

C) Strategic planning workshops

We conduct one and two day planning workshops, in which we help you to identify the strategies that are going to work best for you and the objectives you will need to meet in order to achieve those strategies..

We also conduct strategic planning programs (usually over three months) involving targeted research and data gathering. These programs are tailored to your company's specific needs and are generally suited to companies that are undertaking strategic planning for the first time, or that want to rebuild their strategic plan from the ground up.

The future might look clear, but what is it built on?